Through this post we show you how the industrial subcontracting of boiler companies is an activity more and more requested by subcontractors in the achievement of efficiency and productivity objectives.

We will begin by the definition of industrial subcontracting and for what it serves, and then delve into why the industrial subcontracting of boiler companies is beneficial.

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What industrial subcontracting is and what it does

The industrial subcontracting in Spain includes a dynamic and innovative business fabric, which develops its work in various sectors of activity, such as foundry, metal transformation, mechanization, metal engineering, plastics, rubber, matrices, molds and models, metal transformation, surface coatings, electronics and chemistry.

The sector of industrial subcontracting is very important for the Spanish economy, as it represents a key element for the development and consolidation of the industry.

The Spanish subcontracting industry is characterized by its high degree of specialization, technical knowledge and high flexibility, capable of providing tailor-made manufacturing solutions to the needs of its customers.

It is a sector made up of very specialized companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, with Spanish capital.

It is an activity with great experience in highly competitive industrial sectors, such as automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, telecommunications, railway, industrial machinery, medical technologies, manufacturing of machinery.

This is why it has high levels of certifications and approvals from industrial companies.

What unites us to all the companies of industrial subcontracting and this in ALOT METAL we know well, is the concept, the solution, the manufacture of a part, subset or intermediate production process that is incorporated in the production phase of the client company.

Industrial subcontracting in Spain

In the blog of Camara Comercio de España, we find some very interesting data about the sector of industrial subcontracting in Spain.

Spain is a country with an industrial tradition, we have a large number of leading industrial sectors at international level (automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, railway, telecommunications, renewable energy, nuclear) and a wide range of subcontracting industries offering their services and technological solutions to each of these industrial sectors.

Boiler companies industrial subcontracting Spanish Action Lines

There ara several action lines:

  • In the development of products of increasing added value through the manufacture of assemblies and increasingly complex parts.
  • In improving customer service by offering itself as an integral supplier and developing partnerships with other subcontracting companies to deliver fully finished parts and assemblies.
  • In improving productivity to improve its profitability and gain more market share both nationally and internationally.


Trends in the industrial subcontracting sector of boiler companies

The latest trends in the sector are to innovate in some types of processes such as:

  • process automation, incorporating more flexible and multi-tasking means of production that increase process productivity and improve employee training.
  • level of production management, applying the latest production management techniques so that the company responds effectively and efficiently

Boiler companies industrial subcontracting product innovation action lines

Innovation will be reflected in:

  • extending the range of materials to meet customers’ needs in terms of lightness, mechanical strength, thermal resistance, etc.
  • in the product development itself, picking up more and more improvements from the subcontracting company


What is the Use of Boiler Companies Industrial Subcontracting

For many years now, we have been seeing the benefits of outsourcing processes in industry or what outsourcing of both internal and external processes means. It is what we call BPO Business Process Outsourcing.

The industrial subcontracting of tinsmithing companies is an opportunity for small and medium-sized national companies in the metallurgical sector in Spain to compete on an equal footing with their foreign competitors, in the case of demanding and large-scale projects, from the point of view of value or from the point of view of the size and complexity of the work.

We found a great article from ADVANCED FACTORIES where it shows in detail what these benefits are for the subcontractor of outsourcing

  1. Reduction of the costs
  2. Productive Flexibility
  3. Creation of new business lines
  4. Enrichment of the quality of products and/or services.


Alot Metal, a heavy metal factory in Zaragoza belonging to the metallurgical sector, has managed to position itself well in the national and international market of industrial subcontracting, due to the production capacity of high value-added parts, with flexibility and a remarkable price/ quality ratio, becoming a reliable supplier of leading manufacturers, aeronautics, energy, steel and steel.

We have long participated in some of the main international competitions in the area of industrial subcontracting, such as Global Industrie – MIDEST, in France, Hannover Messe, in Germany, ESEF in the Netherlands, ELMIA Subcontractor in Sweden , Subcontracting in Spain, and more recently Metalmadrid.

A powerful metallurgical sector in Spain, which has managed to position itself very well in recent years, but which currently, due to the coronavirus crisis situation, is suffering major mismatches due to the cessation of customer activity, the lack of supplies and/or raw materials, problems in the transport of goods and products, the cessation of outsourced service activity and market problems in countries of destination of exports.

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Alot Metal. Calderería. Sector subcontratacion industrial



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