How to optimize a boiler project in the aeronautical sector

It is opportune to start by finding out some interesting facts about what the aeronautical sector is, what aeronautical companies are in the world and what the challenges of the future of this sector are.

What are the general characteristics of the aeronautical sector?

The aeronautical sector is a sector of high added value and with an export vocation, whose technological developments are incorporated into other sectors of activity present in our daily life.

In the Spanish Association of Technological Companies of Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space we find some magnitudes about the relevance of the aeronautical sector in Spain

Alot Metal Caldereria Sector Aeronautico

The aeronautical sector consists of two distinct sub-sectors, civil and defence, but with dual-use products. The economic crisis and the current global market situation affect them unequally.

The global civil aviation industry is dominated by the American company Boeing and the European company Airbus, which belongs to the Airbus Group.

It is a business that moves approximately $226 billion a year, with an expected annual growth of the order of 4.5%.

This means that more than 30,000 new aircraft of more than 100 seats will be delivered over the next 20 years ( figures estimated before the Covid-19 crisis)

Currently the Spanish industry is present in all segments of activity; the majority of the aeronautical sector (75%) is dedicated to “aircraft and structures”, 13% to “engines” and 12% to “equipment and systems”.

What does Alot Metal contribute to the aeronautical sector in its boiler making projects?

In our boiler shop in Zaragoza, we know well how the Spanish and international aeronautical sector behaves.

More than 10 years working with companies and projects in which we have had to improve our quality requirements to adapt 100% to their specifications.

The sector has also listened to us, contributing from our boiler shop to an effective improvement of the production processes, applying lean-manufacturing practices such as Poka-Yoke.

This practice makes it possible to reduce or cancel errors, thus achieving a substantial improvement in production costs.

At ALOT METAL, we have been manufacturing chassis and tools for the GSE sector for more than 10 years (Ground Support Equipment at an airport), meaning this sector in billing for the company, a significant amount.

Here you can see some of our work.

What recognition has Alot Metal obtained in its boiler works for the aeronautical sector?

In 2017 SPACE España awarded us the ” Best Improvement Award” an award to our supply chain improvement project in the aeronautical sector

We also belong to the Aeronautical Cluster of Aragon ( AERA).

It is a cluster of 22 partners comprising the different actors in the region (companies, R&D centres and institutions), which aim to develop the sector in the Community.

Their union allows us a greater strength to participate in phases of projects of large companies such as Airbus or EADS-CASA.

What are the challenges facing the aeronautical sector in the coming years?

The Spanish aeronautical sector has always faced several challenges:

its structure (industrial, capacity, and capital)
its size of companies
their level of specialization in civil and defence markets
their position in the supply chain as prime contractors or subcontractors

A few years ago, international agencies and manufacturing companies such as Airbus or Boeing forecast growth data as reflected in the following table:

Alot Metal Caldereria Sector Aeronáutico

The current health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus ( Covid-19) will affect the sector, causing adjustments in aeronautical manufacturing.

As Antonio Rodriguez-Laiz, responsible for marketing and communication at AERTEC SOLUTIONS, points out that the forecasts presented in 2014 by the two major manufacturers in the sector, Airbus and Boeing, covering a period of 25 years, have been ignored, until February 2020, they were being scrupulously complied with.

Aeronautical manufacturers have already announced a reduction in the pace of production of some of their models to adapt to the adjustment of demand.

We will finally see how the sector and all the actors involved adjust to this new reality.

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