October is coming and it seems that things are starting to cheer up, but in other European countries like France rather than Spain itself. Next week (1-2 October) we will attend the first industrial subcontracting fair held in Saint Nazaire (France) after this stage of Covid-19 that we are living since March.

While in Spain, METAL MADRID 2020 fair that was also planned for the next few weeks, finally falls off the cartel, due to the complicated health situation that we are living due to outbreaks.

Saint Nazaire Industrial Subcontracting Fair

The Industrial Subcontracting Fair in Saint Nazaire is the epicenter in France of the development of several important industries such as renewable energy, rail, aeronautics or agricultural machinery…

During 2 days we will attend several B2B meetings with international companies interested in the development of future collaborations that allow them to optimize in cost and time their engineering projects.

Alot Metal boilers experts in Zaragoza ( Spain) with more than 50 years of history, has more than 30 years collaborating with French customers in important boiler making projects.

Feria Subcontratación Industrial de Saint Nazaire

This industrial subcontracting fair in France provides us with the appropriate sanitary measures that ensure our maximum protection at all times.

We invite you to visit our stand:

Feria Subcontratación industrial Saint Nazaire

Future of subcontracting fairs

This global health crisis, which has completely disrupted the calendar of international trade fairs, is a huge challenge for many of the companies that every year find in these events their great opportunity to establish contacts with visitors from other parts of the world.

In B2B environments, physical presence is key to negotiating with new customers, and digital media cannot always replace it, especially in certain areas of the world where trust and personal contact are very important.

In Nius Diario in June this year they published a very interesting article about how experts saw the future of events and congresses. However, we are sure that in the short term we will see a re-invention of trade fairs as we have known them so far.

Digital events break through, though human contact will never disappear.

Also in the national economic newspaper Cinco Días they echoed a few months ago the challenge of exporting some companies in a world without fairs and without travel.

Limitations on mobility often hamper the closing of contracts.

Whatever the situation, we are clear that we will always consider all the options available to continue developing our business and acquiring new customers.

Attendance at a trade fair will always be welcome if it brings us return in the short-medium term. That does not mean that we value the possibility from now on, of other options such as events and digital fairs. We will be attentive.

Alot Metal, expert boilermaker in Zaragoza, with 50 years of history. They are not just irons.



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