Transportation and logistics

Alot Metal, 50 years building the world together.

The optimal combination of agencies and partners with long-term contracts and spot purchases, allows us to offer a flexible and cost-effective solution with which to meet all transport needs.

Entering the field of logistics, it is enough to look at a world map to see the privileged geostrategic situation of the Iberian Peninsula for its proximity to the European and African markets as well as its equidistance between America and Asia.

Inside it, we observed that Zaragoza occupies an ideal position for distribution and logistics as it is less than 4 hours by road from the 4 largest metropolitan areas of the country, and one of the most populated in the south of France.

If we trace a circle of 300 Km with center in Zaragoza, we will see that this crosses Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao and Toulouse, and that inside it there are 3 of the most important ports of the peninsula and inhabit about 30 million people, making up one of the 40 most populated and industrialized areas on the planet.


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