The treatment or finishing that the piece receives, such as painting, galvanizing or zinc plating, is also externalized. An important process, which gives the finishing touch to all the meticulous work previously done.

What is a galvanizing process and what is it for?

Galvanizing is a process for coating finished iron/steel parts.

Its main objective is to avoid the oxidation and corrosion that moisture and environmental pollution can cause on iron.
Galvanized steel or iron is used mainly in construction (metal frames, protective fences, welded grids etc.).

Other uses are: street furniture (lighting, signalling, barriers); catenary stands and various signalling means used in swimming pools or at sea (particularly aggressive humid environment and/or containing chlorine)in waste water treatment plants or buildings for livestock rearing (acid environment).

What is the painting process?

Processes are carried out according to specifications marked by the customer, such as blasting processes, primer and paint finishes in polyurethane synthetic enamel or other.

What is a zinc process and what is it for?

The zinc-plating process can be performed on a wide variety of metal parts or elements. Zinc plating is the coating of a metal piece with a zinc bath to protect it from oxidation and corrosion, further improving its visual appearance.

Through zinc plating we can get more attractive parts visually than in a galvanizing process alone.


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