“It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes a small family workshop is able to become a 50-worker company that sells around the world.”

Foundation of the company by Mr. Antonio Alot
Transfer to new location (current)
Start of export activities, second generation incorporation
Acquisition of laser cutting machine (pioneer of Europe)
Retirement of Antonio Alot. Change of administration by second generation.
Trophy to the global offer (France). Trophy to competitiveness (France)
Purchase of two welding robots.

Expansion of industrial ship (6000 square meters) for boiling works and cranes up to 64Tn.

Best improvement Award (Space aeronautics).

Acquisition of THOR plasma/oxycut/machined combined cutting machine, unique in the world.

Export Award 2018 ( Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce)
In 2020 we celebrate our 50th anniversary.

We are the clear example that entrepreneurial spirit and passion move mountains.

Going back to 1970, Antonio Alot, a worker in a metal company, receives a proposal from the company, the possibility of establishing himself on his own and carrying out work for it. The company sees it clearly, Antonio has a feisty and enterprising character.

Thus begins the story, acquires a welding machine and four tools and begins his adventure in a space of 50 meters. But it was not as simple as it may seem, as the promised work never arrived. He turns to other companies and fights for his dream by working endless days. His good work leads him to build a reputation among the customers, and a year and a half later, he has enough orders to be able to dedicate himself exclusively to his small boiler workshop.

From there, his courage, passion and courage allow him to continue growing, making investments in processes and machinery that optimize costs and product improvements. With the incorporation of the second generation in 1995, the idea of exporting was born and Voilá! , they set to work with the same spirit of enthusiasm and eagerness that their father transmitted to them, achieving that currently the export activity of the company represents more than 60% of the turnover. It was a big hit.

The Alot management team is aware that behind the work carried out is a whole group of people who, day after day, give meaning to the organization, who assume the values of the company as their own and develop the activity with motivation, service, creativity and flexibility. From Alot we are very aware that it is this group of people who give meaning to the company with their daily work.

#WeareAlot. Honesty, Guarantee and Professionality #TogetherWeAreStronger

In 2020 we celebrate our 50th anniversary. A good time to analyse what has brought us here and to plan the way to a better future.

We’re non-conformist and we want more:

We want to continue transforming the world and get more countries and customers to know who we are and why our “turnkey pieces” are unique. Internationalisation will remain a key element in all our actions.

We want to keep betting on our team, which is definitely the best. We will strengthen it through participation, training and other initiatives that will help them continue to grow as individuals and professionals.

We are aware of the importance of digitisation in becoming more efficient and competitive. In this sense we want to implement improvements in our production process through development projects.

And without a job, there’s no future for anyone. We want to build partnerships with agencies that are committed to the employability of young people and their training, to attract them to this sector that certainly needs them so much. #FPRevolution.

As a responsible company we want and will participate in the development of an efficient industry that promotes economic growth and employment in the environment.

We are very pleased to be able to show and share through these pages our history, our small achievements and our spirit of enterprise and improvement, which we have maintained since our beginnings.


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